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Welcome beautiful human,

Who is Jenna Robertson?...

I was born and raised in Scotland and transformed by Wangerriburra Country (Gold Coast Hinterland), Gadigal Country (Sydney) and Noongar Boodja (Perth).  

I am a woman of many titles, roles and ways of being and I do not simplify myself to fit into labels or boxes.

I am a multidimensional midwife for the universe.

What does that mean?...

I create
and hold brave spaces for birth and delivery of the new into the world - for myself and others.

I have a  heart-opening, otherworldly and transformational presence that I bring to all I do.

I centre vulnerability and courage in how I show up in the world.

And in my work....

I am passionate about presence, deep listening, equity, collaboration, emergence and co-creation as evolutionary tools in this complex world.​  

I am a certified life coach to support creatives and leaders to bring more of themselves to the world.

I am a genre-defying creator and performer of voice-centred new works across opera, film and music.

I am a multidisciplinary artist: singer, writer, composer + director.

I am an artistic researcher with an interest in creativity and leadership.

And I am Australia's leading independent creative producer in opera and, over two decades, built the capacity of an arts organisation within myself.

Or, if you like, I am the
CEO & Creative Director of Jenna Robertson.

I am a fearless leader, artist and coach
fuelled by a heart bursting with empathy.

And I see you.
Thank you for visiting me.

Jenna x

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