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Welcome beautiful human,

I'm Jenna.

I was born and raised in Scotland, then worked around the world before being transformed by Noongar Boodja (Perth) and Wangerriburra Country (Gold Coast Hinterland) in Australia.  

I am a woman of many titles, roles and ways of being and I weave skillsets together

I have a  heart-opening, otherworldly and transformational presence that I bring to all I do.

I centre vulnerability and courage in how I show up in the world.

I am passionate about presence, deep listening, equity, collaboration, emergence and co-creation as evolutionary tools in this complex world.​  

I co-des
ign and facilitate brave spaces for emergence of the new into the world - for myself and others.

I am an internationally certified coach, facilitator and consultant to
support the transformation of leaders, creatives and teams.

I support my clients to transform their inner worlds, deepen trust in team dynamics and move towards  regenerative environments.

I am also a genre-defying creator and performer of voice-centred new works across music and film.

I am a multidisciplinary artist: singer, writer, composer + director and my arts practice continues to be a fruitful site for my own personal transformation and evolution.

I am a doctoral candidate researching the intersection of creative practice and regenerative leadership.

My unique skillset has emerged through a diverse twenty year journey through the corporate world and the arts.

I went from being an award-winning, chartered chemical engineer, facilitator

leader in the energy sector .......

to an internationally award-winning creator, performer and leader in the arts.....

Read that again if you need to!

And then became an internationally certified coach.

Common through it all has been enabling the new to emerge within myself and in my spaces, whether it is:
- new technology in the energy sector
-a performer to step into their deepest courage
-a transformational leadership development program
-a transformative science and art collaborative creative work
-or a human moving through
 the depths of their own limitations.

I love it all.

The creation of experiences that enable humans and systems to flourish and evolve.

I am a fearless leader, coach, facilitator, consultant and artist
fuelled by a heart bursting with empathy.

And I see you.
Thank you for visiting me.

Jenna x


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