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I live in the worlds of leadership development and the arts.

I'm a certified regenerative leadership coach

and creative facilitator working with executives, entrepreneurs, change makers and creative professionals.

And an award-winning singer and creative in music and film.

Trees From Above

These are the ways I support humans to bring their leadership and lives into harmony with nature: the most urgent work of our time.

This is regenerative leadership.


I walk with you to your edges ...

and lovingly, step-by-step ...

keep walking with you ...

supporting you...

all the way towards flourishing.


Green Leaves

Ways to Work With Me

I work with individuals, groups, teams and organisations.


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About Me

I am:


  • a Scottish migrant woman transformed by Wangerriburra Country in Gold Coast Hinterland in Australia, where I live. 

  • fascinated by the intersections of art + science and creativity + leadership

  • married to my Argentinian husband, José

  • in awe of this cosmos, planet and the natural world

And I used to be:

  • an award-winning chemical engineer and leader in the energy sector

  • an opera singer and arts executive

  • a doctoral candidate

  • divorced

  • burned out...three times

  • disconnected from myself and the planet

I share what I have let go of, because sometimes that says more about me than anything else.

My continuously evolving path is a byproduct of deeply curious living and developing comfort in the vulnerable and unknown.

But there's more beyond the doing.  My being.  The presence, peace and joy on the path. 

I developed a heart-opening, otherworldly and transformational presence that I bring to all I do. 

I centre vulnerability and courage in how I show up in the world.  With a good splash of cheekiness.

I'd love to walk with you on your journey.

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Green Reflection
“Jenna has a piercing ability to "see" people."

Dr Asmaa Khadim, Researcher, Netherlands

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