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burnout to rebirth


An evolutionary arts leadership action research project exploring regenerative business models for independent creative producers.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  Buckminster Fuller

Burnout to Rebirth was conceived in 2021-2 by Jenna, Joel and Rebecca during their shared participation in the Australia Council for the Arts Leadership program and has explored new post-burnout ways of being and doing to rediscover joy. Through collaboration, research and a leadership retreat hosted by Jenna, the project implemented the design and practice of a new era of leadership including concepts such as:

  • Letting go of the “old” to make space for the “new”

  • Wholeness and transparency at work 

  • Space holding as a leader

  • Presencing (presence + sensing), emergence + co-creation 


Joel and Jenna have since emerged with new understandings and definitions of what leadership means in a post-burnout, post-pandemic phase and are developing this new knowledge into a conference keynote.


Burnout to Rebirth: exploring next economy business models for Independent Australian storymakers was funded by the Australia Council for the Arts in 2022-23 and references the work of Charles Eisenstein, Otto Scharmer, Frederic LaLoux, Heather Plett, Ronni Kahn, our ancestors, other teachers and more.

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