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Image by Fi Mims 

"How can we preserve precious natural resources on our planet

when we have no clue how to preserve our own?"


Laura Storm

Founder, Regenerators & Co-Author Regenerative Leadership

Earth and Space

1.7 Earths are needed to sustain our current human systems.


This means collectively, we humans are using 70% more resources than Earth can replenish.


And this is mirrored within our bodies and lives.

Do you feel like you're having to use 70% more energy than you have to survive?

You're not alone.

I've got you.

Our work together holds you towards balance, and then all the way to thriving.

I am imagining you right now. Working so hard and doing your best.


But you're not thriving. You might be surviving, or even drowning.

Or you might just feel a general sense of 'is this all there is?'

I see you. And I feel you.


Your precious energy may be invested in:

  • Working a demanding job

  • Challenging relationship(s)

  • Being what other people want you to be

  • Swallowing your needs

  • Holding in what you really want to say

  • A really active and turbulent inner world

  • Making your body work when all it wants to do is rest

  • Confusion about your direction or who you really are

  • Having your creativity stifled by the systems around you

  • Feeling stuck in your current situation

  • Wishing you had a more free, aligned, authentic life

  • Longing for more connection

If any of this feels like your world, you're in the right place.

You and your beautiful soul are deeply welcome here.


I have lived the pain and frustration of all the above in my own life.

I burned out three times....

Until I began an inner journey that began to really look at the beliefs and ways of being that were causing me to burn out.

A journey of decolonising and liberating the mind, body and soul and finding the peace and thriving that lies beyond.

A journey towards regenerative living and leadership that allowed me to craft a sustainable, balanced, joyous life that supports my creative, entrepreneurial soul. 

A life that is re-aligned with the natural laws of the Earth and the Universe - the most important work of our time.

This is regenerative leadership.


Leading self and system back to balance and thriving.


Regenerative leadership begins with the self.

Wild Nature

My clients are executive leaders, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers, pioneers and creative professionals from all over the world and across sectors.

They are empathic, caring, innovative, creative and driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact in their work and how they show up in the world.

"Jenna has piercing ability to “see” people, listening closely and empathising with their feelings.


I found it easy to be open with her about difficult topics.


Yet, just when we’ve explored the depths of my emotions about something, she'll come out with something hilarious and we will share a good laugh."

Dr Asmaa Khadim

Founder + Principal Consultant, Natura Legal and Policy, Netherlands


What does coaching with me involve?

1. We Set Your Intention


We set inspiring, feeling-based goals for your journey.


2. We Nurture Your Inner World

Each of you is bespoke, and we may explore any or all of the following:

  • Explore and map your inner world

  • Identify and dissolve your inner limiting conditions

  • Radically deepen your self-knowledge

  • Develop your inner coherence and creative flow

  • Get to clarity on your needs, boundaries and thriving conditions

  • Nourish your inner and body connection

  • Identify the seeds of your future and allow them to grow in a supportive environment

  • Cultivate and support your courage fuel to embrace your (r)evolution

  • And one of the major focuses of a coaching experience, navigate the letting go of the old

3. I Sense and Guide

  • Where appropriate and you are open to it, I seamlessly move beyond coach and into educator, offering bespoke teachings tailored to you, that will support you on your journey.

4. Forward Movement

  • We co-create actions for you that serve and ignite your goals and take you closer to your goals each time we meet

  • I notice the small wins, and the big ones, and I take time to celebrate you every step of the way

  • I support you to overcome hurdles between sessions

  • I go with the flow, yet hold you accountable to your highest vision for yourself. 

You will be asked questions that evoke your soul and highest vision.


I find ways for you to be able to draw your own wisdom from within you and I connect the dots in a powerful way.


It is a soul-enriching experience that leaves you feeling clear, excited, motivated and held.


You will not be the same person at the end of our time together.

The Secret Ingredient: My Magic 

  • You will feel my heart, overflowing with love and empathy that sees the beauty in every part of you.

  • My presence is gentle, pure, non-judgemental and warm.  It fosters trust, acceptance, and growth, while my intuitive insights offer guidance on your journey.

  • I listen to you so deeply that you will feel fully seen and heard.  My clients often say their favourite thing about our sessions is how safe and accepted they feel.

  • I strategically and sensitively infuse laughter and lightness into challenging conversations, unveiling new aspects of yourself.

  • My language is uniquely expressive and cuts through mental clutter straight to your essence.

  • My soothing Scottish-Australian accent and unhurried pace create a tranquil space where you can experience profound insights.

  • And, my knack for humorous swearing, adding an extra touch of authenticity and levity to the experience.

Treehouse full size_edited.jpg
Enjoying the Nature

Each of my clients has a unique journey.
Their results have enabled them to: 


  • carve a new path in life with more freedom

  • make aligned career and relationship changes

  • move from burnout to thriving

  • expand and increase creative flow

  • develop confidence in authentic self-expression and leadership

  • close the gap between their inner and outer worlds

  • give birth to new visions for their life and work

  • have stronger boundaries

  • access deeper meaning and purpose in life and work

  • develop their authentic relating skills to deepen relationships and feel more connection


  • feel more peace, clarity, coherence, confidence

  • be clearer on who they are and their strengths

  • develop fluency in navigating their inner world and a stronger connection to their intuition

  • develop deeper connection and care for their body

  • develop a deeper love for who they are

  • develop a deeper understanding of universal, spiritual principles

My Offerings to You



3 Months Support

  • Introductory Questionnaire

  • 6 x 90 min fortnightly sessions via Zoom 

  • In-between session support


AUD $890 + GST / month


AUD $2500 + GST

6 Months Support


  • Introductory Questionnaire

  • 12 x 90 min fortnightly sessions via Zoom 

  • In-between session support


AUD $790 + GST / month


AUD $4500 + GST

How to take the next step...

I invite you to reach out to me for a complimentary 45 minute discovery call where you can feel what it's like to be in space with me, and we can explore how coaching could support you.   

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like to be told what to do. Do you do this?

The craft of coaching is to create a space where you access your own deeper wisdom from within, and never to give 'advice' or tell you what to do. You know best about your life and your individual sovereignty and agency are deeply important to me. I want you to know that I never tell you what to do and I never assume to know about your life.  

What if I don't feel good right now, or on the day of the session?

There is no expectation to feel any particular way before a coaching session or commencing a series. You show up to your sessions exactly how you feel that day whether it's ecstatic or miserable. All emotions and states are welcome and often the most powerful sessions occur when you do not arrive feeling that great.

How do I know if I am ready for coaching, Jenna?

If you are curious and ready to take action.  Are you ready to work and make time for yourself? Are you open-minded and ready to begin exploring your evolution in whatever that means to you? Are you excited at reading this webpage? Are you done with the way you're currently living and ready to grow? Is your beautiful soul longing to speak its truth after not doing so for so long? If so, you're ready and I can't wait to hear about you.

What qualifications do you have to coach, Jenna?

I love this question because the coaching industry in unregulated meaning that anyone can call themselves a coach so it is important to ask this of anyone who you are considering as a coach. 

After mentoring for over twenty years, I commenced study in life coaching in January 2022 at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA), which is a course recognised by the International Coaching Federation. I graduated from that course in August 2022, which made me a qualified coach. I was nominated for the Trainee of the Year Award in 2022 from an international cohort of hundreds of coaches, demonstrating my commitment. 

In May 2023, I obtained 'Certified Coach' status through BYCA. This included the passing of an exam, completion of a six month coaching series as a client with a certified coach, a submission of a recording of my coaching for their assessment and more. Through this certification I have been externally assessed and certified by an institution for my ethics, coaching technique and a continued commitment to the development of my craft.


I am currently working towards my international certification through the International Coaching Federation and have over 300 coaching hours in my practice so far.

How do you invoice for your coaching, Jenna?

You are welcome to pay in full at the beginning of our time together before your first session. Or alternatively, it is possible to pay each month. In this case I invoice in advance, at the beginning of each month, in advance of sessions. 

We put the financial matters in place before your sessions, so that your energetic intention is set and we spend 100% of the time in session focused on you and your journey, not admin matters.

Is coaching like counselling or therapy?

Coaching is different to counselling and therapy. Counselling is a wonderful, different modality that deals primarily with looking back and making sense of the past.


Coaching clients are ready to move forward and take action towards their future and as your coach I will be supporting you to move forward.


That said, your past is deeply honoured and respected, and sometimes the most powerful parts of a coaching experience can involve me holding space for you to explore and release elements of the past. As a coach, the purpose of my work is to explore the life you want in the future and while I deeply see and hold you in all of who are right now, I slowly, gently meet you where you are and help you to move forward.

Step into the next phase of your evolution and

book your complimentary discovery call now.

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