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Image from Leaders Workshop for FCM Travel, 2023





“Jenna hosted the most incredible and inspiring leadership coaching session with my team leaders today as part of their Leadership Development Day. They said the time with Jenna was their favourite part of the day!"

Stephanie Robertson

General Manager for Western Australia and South Australia, FCM Travel, Australia

"Thank you Jenna for running such an amazing session with the team leaders. There was laughter, emotion, honesty and I learned things about the other leaders that I never knew before, even about myself. You were so engaging, and I loved how you addressed us with our names and added your notes. You really personalised the session for us. I am going to incorporate these questions with my team so I can discover more about the people I work with."


Olivera Stojkoski, FCM Travel Team Leader, Perth, Australia

"I truly feel that I gained both personally and professionally from the session. Your challenging questions and the insights that came through have got me to review where my focus should be."

Burke Milligan, Operations Team Leader, FCM Travel, Australia

"Jenna led the group through reflective, open and honest questions and mediated in a way that was present but peripheral. I feel the group learned a lot about each other and found some questions in themselves. We are a closer, more open peer group because of Jenna."

Jye Lewis, Team Leader, FCM Travel, Australia

"Working with Jenna in a recent planning day and being a new member of my Team Leader group, she helped me, and my peers break down barriers and allowed for non-judgmental vulnerability. We laughed, shared healthy tears, and grew closer as a peer group because of it. Like many, your working life can feel like it's moving at a rapid rate, Jenna allowed us to take pause and spend some time taking stock of who we are as human beings and reflect on the most important thing in life, ourselves. Thanks Jenna! you are a gem!"

Luke Davies, Operations Team Leader, FCM Travel, Australia


Image from belonging & relating community workshop, 2022, co-facilitated with Kuweni Dias Mendis. Image by Scott Chrisman.

I love to hold space and facilitate experiences for groups to explore their selves and their personal growth. 


My magic ingredient is my presence: a result of both my natural qualities and the decades of self-development and healing work I have done on myself.

My presence has a calming, heart-opening effect on groups and can facilitate vulnerabilty, courage and transformational change.

With eight years of experience in group facilitation in a corporate environment, working with everyone from executives to graduates, and twelve years experience holding space for groups within the arts, community and not-for-profit sectors, I have an integrated and fluid knowledge of how to hold a diverse range of spaces.

I can collaborate with you to co-create group experiences and hold space for your group in a way that is sensitive and bespoke to the needs of your group.

Group Workshops I have facilitated, and which have been co-designed with my host:

  • Self-Reflection Workshop for Corporate Leaders: a heart-opening group deep dive into who we truly are and where are at in our life. The outcome of this workshop is a deeper sense of connection in the group and clarity on priority for each individual going forward.

  • Belonging & Relating Workshop for Community: a bold and brave dive into intercultural collaboration and exploring ways to relate to one another as diverse citizens living in contemporary Australia.

  • Self-Producing for Artists: This workshop/seminar is perfect for Young Artist Programs and educates and inspires by a reframe - that self-producing is a tool for self-empowerment and change-making. This workshop shares some of the practical tools of self-producing, and dives into the change that artists may create through their own self-producing practice.


Image from Self-Producing for Artists workshop for Brisbane Music Festival Young Artists. Image by Alex Raineri.

How to take the next step...

I invite you to reach out to me for a complimentary 45 minute discovery call where you can feel my presence and we can explore how a workshop could support you and your group.   You can contact me via the Connect page with any questions or book your discovery call now via this button below.

For group facilitation, I offer bespoke packages and sliding scale pricing. 

Invest in the evolution of your group and

book your complimentary discovery call now.

Or to simply stay in touch, sign up to my newsletter via the Connect page.

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