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"I am a midwife for the universe;

nurturing your soul so more of it can flow through you

into the physical world."

Jenna Robertson​


Do you feel stifled and   long   to express more    of your true self?

Do you want to feel the freedom of being more creative?

Do you desire to feel  more clarity about who you are and your unique voice?

Do you feel stuck, powerless or burned out?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', you're in the right place, my friend.

You and your beautiful, creative soul are deeply welcome here.  

I love to work 1:1 with creatives and leaders who are at any stage of their career journey, and are exploring some or all of the questions above. 

I passionately believe in our creativity as a tool for our own personal evolution and the evolution of those experiencing our visions. I believe that nurturing and inspiring the flow of creativity enables the emergence of a new future and the evolution of humanity.

I have felt the pain and frustration of all of the questions above in my own life.


I spent too much time with people where I was not understood or valued, and over time, found my way to my people and a life where I can be 100% of me. 

I have had a vastly non-traditional career path, finding my way to the arts and trailblazing leadership in a completely different way to most.  I quit my corporate job and safe salary, where I had earned industry awards and was earmarked for executive leadership, to work as an artist and coach and I have never looked back.

I have worked so hard that I've burned out three times. I know what burnout feels like and how to end up there.  I finally learned how to live a sustainable, balanced, joyous life that supports my creative, entrepreneurial soul.

I have experienced rejection after rejection.  I have felt stifled in my career as an artist due to power imbalances, hierarchy, patriarchy and tradition. I subverted all of this by creating my own unique, loving, kind and collaborative working ecologies as well as becoming excellent at producing my own work.

As an artist, I dedicated decades of my life to the craft of opera singing, performed all of my favourite operatic roles and then expanded my creativity into writing, directing, filmmaking, digital storytelling and more. I plan to keep expanding, just like the universe.

I have built a diverse portfolio career as an artist with such freedom, agency and diversity that nothing I imagine is out of my reach. Over a decade, I built the self-producing capacity of a small arts organisation within myself.  To my knowledge, I'm the only opera singer in the world who has performed fourteen leading operatic roles, of which nine were self-produced.  That means I was both lead soprano as well as producer, which required a nervous system expansion over time to be able to hold space for myself and in some cases 100+ others in times of stress, all with a loving smile.


I have fundraised multiple six-figure sums through grants and philanthropy and led teams of 100+ people so I could serve communities, evolve art forms, sing what my heart wanted, with the team I wanted and to make the political statements I wanted to make.

I have carved my own path as an internationally award-winning artist, creative and evolutionary leader where I am able to be 100% of myself. I create what my soul longs to make with collaborators who bring out the best in me. And I shape-shift whenever my soul says it's time to evolve.

I want more humans to be able to say this.


I want you to have more agency and control over your life and career in a world that does not make it easy.  I want you to feel like you've got a coach who has your back and knows what it feels like.

I have been mentoring for over a decade and in 2022 I dedicated six months of my life to study to become a qualified life coach so that I can support you in the highest way.  Because art is life and I believe in the power of creativity for self-expression and your evolution.

I am here to deeply support you in your journey.

What does a Life Coach do?


As your life coach I support you to:

  • create exciting goals for our journey together

  • identify and dissolve mental barriers through mindset work

  • identify and shift limiting ways of being and doing

  • create space for more expression of your innermost self

  • feel clarity of purpose and identity

  • align your creativity, work and leadership with who you truly are and the change your want to see in the world

  • increase your creative flow

  • embrace your (r)evolution

  • gain courage to make life changes in support of your evolution

  • gain skills and knowledge to empower yourself creatively

  • become excellent at the business skills required to support your creativity and vision

  • create step-by-step actions that serve and ignite your goals

  • overcome any hurdles between sessions.

"Jenna has piercing ability to “see” people, listening closely and empathising with their feelings. I found it easy to be open with her about difficult topics. Yet, just when we’ve explored the depths of my emotions about something, she'll come out with something hilarious and we will share a good laugh.


Jenna has helped me to be bolder in my approach to my career. She has faith in me even when I may doubt my own abilities, and isn’t afraid to be a vocal cheerleader. This, together with her enthusiasm for change and growth, has pushed me to explore what has been holding me back in my own development personally and professionally. 


I always walk away from our discussions feeling inspired and uplifted. "

Dr Asmaa Khadim

Researcher, Netherlands


The results my clients have achieved during our time together has allowed them to:

  • carve their own path in life

  • close the gap they feel between their inner and outer world

  • feel inspired and motivated towards their goals

  • feel more JOY of authentic creative expression

  • feel more FREEDOM in their way of being

  • feel more EMPOWERED in their creative and leadership practice

  • implement new ways of being to support wellbeing and creativity

  • unleash a trajectory towards a life with balance, freedom and meaning.


“I started working with Jenna about 18 months ago and in the last 12 months, I have successfully transitioned from a corporate job, where I was trying to fit in, to an independent multidisciplinary artist feeling I belong in the arts world.


As a woman of colour and culture she treated me with utmost respect. My cultural knowledge was valued, without exploitation and extraction which I truly admire, hence I have never felt so culturally safe. Jenna took a lot of time to deeply listen, think and learn from me. She understood my world view, perspective and values so well and, in her words, “was a mirror” that reflected my practice ecology and elevated it so I was in service. 

In our time together she also helped me with strategic project planning, grant scoping, grant writing, budgets, developing a practice ecology and succinct communication.”

Kuweni Dias Mendes

Multidisciplinary Artist, QLD, Australia

"Mentoring with Jenna was an amazing experience.  As a result, I feel more confident as an artist and arts worker, and I have developed new skills in producing which will help me in my future arts career.


Over a period of 18 months, Jenna provided one on one mentoring sessions, professional development opportunities, hands on experiences working with community, and developing a range of skills in producing.  I was also given the opportunity to learn more about the creative process and develop key skills in producing large scale community projects.


I am incredibly thankful for this experience and to the effort Jenna invested in me to help me develop these skills."

Emma Davis

Artist and Arts Consultant, WA, Australia

“When I started coaching with Jenna I knew my career needed to change. From day one I felt a rapport with her – things felt easy and I felt safe.  After our first session I felt EXCITED about my new career goals. They felt in reach. I felt supported and heard. I felt FIZZY.  

During our coaching sessions together, I fell in love again with creative writing (not just music!). I also felt the spark to write a children’s musical and I’ve started this process.  During our sessions I have been able to practice ‘letting go’ of needing to do things the ‘music industry’ way, a genuine excitement for a change in career priorities and goals and a slowing down.  

I loved that Jenna flowed with me and supported me when things inevitably changed during our series. She held me accountable to what I said I would do and I felt truly motivated to stay on track with my action items as a result.  The bespoke package she put together at the end was so special for me.  Jenna is a NEXT LEVEL mentor and coach who has helped me to step into my evolution.”

Emma Dean

Internationally Acclaimed Musician, Creative Coach, Choral Director, Brisbane, Australia

Emma Dean.JPG

What is coaching like?

You know best about your life and your individual sovereignty and agency are deeply important to me. I want you to know that I never tell you what to do and I never assume to know about your life.  

I provide a gentle, encouraging, warm, inspiring and wide open-minded environment for you to deeply explore your own creativity and vision.  You will be deeply listened to, fully seen and heard and you will be asked questions that evoke your soul and your highest vision. I find ways for you to be able to draw your own wisdom from within you and I connect the dots in our conversation in a powerful way.


We identify your goals and co-create actions that take you step by step closer to those goals each time we meet.  I celebrate you and support you every step of the way, including between sessions. I go with the flow, yet hold you accountable to your highest vision for yourself.  It is a soul-enriching experience that leaves you feeling clear, excited, motivated and held. You will not be the same person at the end of our time together.

How to take the next step...

I invite you to reach out to me for a complimentary 45 minute discovery call where you can feel what it's like to work with me, and we can explore how coaching could support you.   You can contact me via the Connect page with any questions or book your discovery call now via this button below.

If you choose to work with me after our complimentary discovery call, I offer the following ways to support you.

My sessions are held on zoom and flexible with days and timing. I work with clients around the world.


Each sixty minute session costs AUD $195 + GST, which includes a delicious amount of support between sessions in ways you prefer, including voice and text message and email. If inspiration flows, I sometimes respond creatively to our sessions or your emails, which might include diagrams, pdfs, letters, videos or poems made just for your evolution. My clients shift SO much in between sessions from this support.


Introductory Questionnaire

One x 90 minute session

Two weeks of follow up support

AUD $295 + GST


Introductory Questionnaire

2 x 60 min sessions per month for three months

Includes​ luxurious support between sessions

Inspiring Completion Package, delivered in pdf.

AUD $390 + GST per month

Total series $1170 + GST



Introductory Questionnaire

2  x 60 min sessions per month for six months

Includes luxurious support between sessions

Inspiring Completion Package, delivered in pdf.

AUD $390 + GST per month

Total series $2340 + GST

I also do bespoke packages and arrangements if you have other ideas about how I can support you. Some clients like to begin with me and then extend for a long-term collaboration.  I have very limited places available for this.  Email me on to let me know your ideas.


"Before I met Jenna, I was close to burn out and had no clarity about my next steps and direction. I couldn’t seem to grasp my sense of purpose.  I’d never had a coach before, but had heard good things about life coaching.


After the first session with Jenna, my mindset shifted and I had confidence that my goals I created with Jenna would become a reality!  I realised later that the goals I created is my philosophy of life!

During my time with Jenna, many things changed for the better. My relationship with myself and others deepened and I gained a greater understanding of who I am.  My mindset changed dramatically, which led to improved clarity and direction and a dramatic change in my work. I created a vision for my new business that is in alignment with my values and gives me an incredible sense of purpose. My close friends noticed a big shift in my direction externally and internally, and that I am happier and more confident. 

Jenna did an incredible job at helping me find clarity and direction in life; mentally, physically and spiritually. Coaching with Jenna is life-changing, euphoric and amazing!"

Elijah Semaan

Health + Wellness Entrepreneur, QLD, Australia

Yara Bou Karam_edited.jpg

Before I started with Jenna, I was doubting my artistic identity and feeling confused, but at the same time I was aware that I was in a transitional stage of my musical career.  I was finding it difficult to integrate all my skills into one cohesive aesthetic identity.  I needed a mentor to help me develop my artistic journey here in Australia.

When I started with Jenna, I felt comfortable and it’s like the universe helped us to connect.  By the end of our first session, I started to think more in depth about my goals and my why in music. I started writing more. My writings showed me the difference between my thoughts and my real actions.


Jenna inspired me in my journey. I witnessed my respect for my culture grow and Jenna helped to make me closer to my culture, musically and artistically.  I overcame my resistance to sharing my classical singing with Jenna and I was shocked that I began the dairy-free and gluten-free diet which helped care for my voice. My friends noticed how my diet changed!


Coaching with Jenna is inspiring, structured, reflective, fruitful, eye-opening.

Yara Bou Karam

Singer, Pianist, Digital Designer, Sydney, Australia

How do I know if I am ready for    coaching with you, Jenna?

If you are ready to take action.  Are you ready to work and make time for yourself? Are you ready to begin exploring your evolution in whatever that means to you? Are you excited at reading this webpage? Is your beautiful, creative soul longing to speak? If so, you're ready and I can't wait to hear about you.

How do you invoice for your coaching, Jenna?

I invoice at the beginning of each month, in advance of sessions. So that when we connect in session, 100% of the time we are focused on you and your journey and do not have to discuss admin matters.

Is life coaching like counselling?

No. Life coaching is different to counselling. Counselling is a wonderful, but different modality that deals primarily with making sense of the past.


Coaching clients are ready to move forward and take action towards their future.


That said, your past is deeply honoured and respected, and sometimes the most powerful parts of a coaching experience can involve me holding space for you to explore and release elements of the past. As a coach, the purpose of my work is to explore the life you want in the future and while I deeply see and hold you in all of who are right now, I slowly, gently help you to move forward.

Step into the next phase of your evolution and

book your complimentary discovery call now.

Or to simply stay in touch, sign up to my newsletter via the button below.

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