"I am a midwife for the universe;

helping you get crystal clear about what wants to come through you and supporting you on the journey of delivering it into the world."

Jenna Robertson​

Jenna mentors a diverse range of people who are ready to take action and make major changes in their life.  Through deep listening and open questioning, Jenna assists and enables the mentee to empower themselves in their lives. She supports them to get crystal clear about their unique path and voice.  She works with the client to curate a mindset and a realistic, step-by-step plan of action that serves and ignites their goal(s), passion(s) and purpose(s).  Jenna works with a small number of people at any given time.  If you are interested in working with Jenna to take the next step in your career or life, please make contact with Jenna through the Connect page for a Complimentary Consultation session.

Mentoring sessions can incorporate coaching and consulting techniques where this is desired and serves the mentee in the highest way.  Jenna is a current Life Coaching Trainee with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and will be formally offering Life Coaching from August 2022.


“I started working with Jenna about 18 months ago and in the last 12 months, I have successfully transitioned from a corporate job, where I was trying to fit in, to an independent multidisciplinary artist feeling I belong in the arts world.


As a woman of colour and culture she treated me with utmost respect. My cultural knowledge was valued hence I have never felt so culturally safe. She valued the inherent knowledge without exploitation and extraction which I truly admire. I found Jenna took a lot of time to deeply listen, think and learn from me. She understood my world view, perspective and values so well and in her words “was a mirror” that reflected my practice ecology to elevate it so I was in service. 


In our time together she also helped me with strategic project planning, grant scoping, grant writing, budgets, developing a practice ecology and succinct communication.”

Kuweni Dias Mendes

Multidisciplinary Artist, QLD

"Receiving mentoring from Jenna was an amazing experience.  As a result of this mentoring, I feel more confident as an artist and arts worker, and I have developed new skills in producing which will help me in my future arts career.


Over a period of 18 months, Jenna provided one on one mentoring sessions, professional development opportunities, hands on experiences working with community, and developing a range of skills in producing.  I was also given the opportunity to learn more about the creative process and develop key skills in producing large scale community projects.


I am incredibly thankful for this experience and to the effort Jenna invested in me to help me develop these skills."

Emma Davis

Artist and Arts Consultant, WA