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2021 World Science Festival Brisbane

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25-28 March 2021 SOLD OUT
Cosmic Skydome, St Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha.

Inspired by Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot, creative storyteller Jenna Robertson joined forces with renowned composer Corrina Bonshek and the stellar specialists at The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium to deliver a mind-blowing multimedia immersion that inspired, educated and enthralled audiences of all ages.

This Festival original took the audience on a round trip from our tiny blue planet, through galaxies, past super novas and into the farthest reaches of our known universe, before returning to the pale blue dot that we call home.

Presented by World Science Festival Brisbane and Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Co-creators: Jenna Robertson, Peter Frankland (astronomer, Planetarium) and Salvador Cantellano (filmmaker and video artist)

Writer and Narrator: Jenna Robertson

Music: Dr Corrina Bonshek

Creative Producer and Technical Director (Film/Audio): Salvador Cantellano

Filmmaking and Editing: Salvador Cantellano and Pablo Mejia-Lopez

Technical Director (Planetarium): Peter Frankland

Sound Mixing, Voice Over Recording: Folklore Studios

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